4×4 Landcruiser80


4X4 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER HARD TOP; Toyota Landcruiser: The Outstanding 4×4 Safari Car; Strong and reliable 4×4 for visiting the most remote areas of Eastern Africa. The Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD is one of the most popular 4WD cars of Africa. The ultimate vehicles for small groups travellers like project managers, research assistants, team leaders, volunteers and private tourists traveling to duty stations, field treks, adventure trips, birding, camping and wildlife watching. Seating Capacity: Five (5) Passengers.

Our Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top model (70 series) is a four-wheel drive vehicle with manual gear. We regularly maintain our cars so that you can have peace of mind during your trips to the wild.

​If you plan to hire a “Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop” during your stay in East Africa, then you made a great choice. Since 2010 on from our inception, the Land Cruiser 70 series can still claim to be the most rugged, most reliable heavy duty four wheel drive vehicle for handling the harshest conditions and toughest situations needed for off-road terrain. It is the standard fleet vehicle for many front-line organizations such as the United Nations, the International Red Cross and other organizations who demand the ultimate in dependability. Our customers trust this Land Cruiser model to deliver unprecedented performance.

​Whether you plan for a self-drive trip or a driver-guided one, you can fully rely on this one-of-a-kind vehicle for your safari trips or field trips. This awesome vehicle is suitable for all type of off-road activities like safaris in game reserves and national parks, hunting and fishing.

​It is an ideal choice to hire this car for your visits to Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara National Park, but also to the less visited, less well-known protected areas, such as the volcanos and Kidepo National Parks of Uganda, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Semuliki National Park, Bwindi and many others.