Arabuko Sokoke N.P

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

The Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a coastal protected area of forest about 100 km north of Mombasa and contains a lot of endemic species, including different mammals, birds, and plants. The forest here is regarded as one of the best preserved in the country and protects a few different forest types, which are each home to their different communities.

The endemic species that live in the park include a number of birds such as the Sokoke pipit, Amani sunbird, and spotted ground thrush. There are also different shrews and duiker. As well as these endemic animals, you can find elephants, baboons, vervet monkeys, and others.

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest itself extends beyond the park and is the largest remaining tract of native coastal forest in East Africa. You can access the area from the small town of Watamu, which is just 10 km from the forest. You can enjoy a visitor information center at the Gede Forest Station and will then have access to a number of trails around the forest.

This forest merges with the mangroves, which you can explore on boat trips. The mangroves are visited by a number of birds, including flamingos and the area is an important breeding area for a number of different fish.