Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya

Clearly a very tourist-focused affair but still an enjoyable day out, the attraction offers a miniature version of Kenya. The bomas are located just 10 km from Nairobi center close to the famous Nairobi National Park. You will enjoy a glimpse of different Kenyan cultures from all across the country to give you a grounding in the country’s identity. Because of this, it’s a must-visit attraction for any visitor.

The Bomas of Kenya show the country’s culture through the different group’s music, dances, crafts and ways they live. The word ‘bomas’ itself is a Swahili word for home and each ‘bomas’ shows the culture of a particular traditional group. The houses themselves are styled in a traditional African manner in an ancestral fashion.

See the items and houses on display themselves, but also the shows of traditional dances and acrobatic displays. These are shown each day at certain times, which differ between weekdays and weekends.

Located near the main gate of Nairobi National Park, the dances and shows are adapted from the 16 major tribal groups that live across Kenya, including Embu drumming, Kalenjin warrior dances, and Swahili taarab music.

The area was founded by the Kenyan government as a way to preserve and promote ethnic identities, while also providing a tourist attraction as a way to educate visitors about Kenya’s cultural identity.

The homes themselves and the cultural displays are accompanied by a large play area for young children and a small craft shop to buy souvenirs from your visit