Kigali/Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre

The Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre is another tourism part of Rwanda. This is a memorial of the 1994 genocide victims. The number of buried here is above 250000. This memorial is built on the graves of the buried. Donations are being accepted here the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre authority. People visit this place to remember their lost nearest ones. This place is free from entrance charge.

Nyamata Church, Kigali

The Nyamata Church is also a holder of the 1994, the genocide of Rwanda. The Genocide Memorial is also located by the church. The church has not changed a bit since the genocide. The clothes of the victims are still piled on the pews and if anything goes under change, even that also bears their bloodstains. Every year lots of people come on a tour here to know what actually happened to them was and to show respect to the buried.  It’s much significance to the visitor to face the truth about Rwanda.

Ntarama Church, Kigali

Kigali is enriched with tourism by the symbols of the massacre in Rwanda as it was a significant period in Rwanda. The Ntarama Church is another symbol of that part which is considered as one of the tourists most visited Church. This place is declared as a memorial to show a solemn mark of respect to the dead people of that nuisance. The bones, clothes, and other belongings of the dead by that time are displayed in this church.

Inema Art Center, Kigali

The famous self taught artists and brothers has found the art center in 2012. They named by Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza. Their motive behind this art center is to hold the social, economical and personal creativity before the world. Inema Art Center is a home to 10 artists who learned and explore the African art and their hidden talent. The Inema Art Center is one of the best tourist places in Rwanda.