Virunga Volcanoes, Ruhengeri

Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri

Volcanoes National Park is a forest surrounded park in the Virunga Mountains.  This mountain acts as a border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and the Uganda. People come on a tour here to track the mountain families or the mountain gorillas. The great Dian Fossy lived here and died when she was studying. Then she was protecting the gorillas. The famous film “Gorillas in the Mist” showed her efforts. The tourists can see about 75 mammals including elephant, buffalo etc. here.

Virunga Mountains, Virunga Volcanoes

If any tourist is interested in trekking then Virunga Mountains are waiting for him. This is the best place in Rwanda to trek with several options including to track the mountain gorillas. The highest point of this mountain is 4507m high and named by Mount Karisimbi. You can trek at Mount Viscos which is bout 3711m high and a beautiful lake passes through it. It will take only 6-7 hours of yours to go high and back. This is one of the best tourist places in Rwanda and most favorite for the nature lovers.