6 Days Uganda Birds and Enchanted Kidepo


Day1: Kampala to Kitgum
You will picked by our driver/guide at your hotel or residence in Kampala after you have had breakfast ready to start your tour to the most isolated national park in Uganda and we will drive you through the plain and remote vegetation to northern part of the country, with stop over for lunch in Gulu, before proceeding to Kitgum for night overstay and dinner at any of the following hotels Fuglys, Bomah hotel for midrange facility and Tembo guest house with budget facility..

Day2: Kidepo Valley National Park- Game drive.
After breakfast we will continue our journey to the most magnificent and Africa’s finest wildernesses through the remote villages of Acholi, to the Karamonjos homesteads and finally into the valleys of Kidepo national park the most beautiful and #3 best national park in Africa as voted by CNN travel channel. After your check in and had lunch we will take you on an evening game drive into the open savannah grasslands of the Kidepo valley national park where you will be able to spot some of parks lions that may be sitting in along the narus valley or on the rocks at the entrance of Apoka park headquarters, other wildlife that can be spotted include elephants, leopard, bushbucks and much more. And you will return to the hotel for night. Our accommodation options include Apoka safari lodge and NgaMoru camp for (High and mid budget), and Uganda wildlife Authority bandas and camp sites for Budget travel. For the campers the park two camping sites are well facilities with water and clean latrines and you are provided with ranger guide to protect you and make you stay in the park safe..

Day3: Kidepo Valley National Park-Game drive to hot springs and Nature Walk.
Depart in the morning after break and carry with you packed lunch for game drive to the hot springs via the palm trees lined Kidepo River, in search for Ostriches and leopards, tortoises along the way. After having our packed lunch we will stench our legs on guided nature walk through the park and return to hotel refresh yourselves, relax and have time to enjoy the wildernesses night overstay and meals at Apoka safari lodge or NgaMoru camp (high and mid budget) and Uganda wildlife Authority bandas or camp sites (budget travel) in the wilderness at the Bush camp..

Day 4: Kidepo Valley National Park to Gulu
Transfer to Gulu after breakfast and will stop over for lunch break in Kitgum before proceeding to Gulu for the night. Gulu is biggest town in the areas which has just comes out of insurgency caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army but now life is back to normal with busy streets and safe which allow visitors to move freely in town and do shopping. The area has got number of hotels and Guest houses that fit every ones budget. Optional accommodation includes Acholi Inn and Churchill courts for midrange and upmarket facility, Frankline hotel for Budget travel.

Day 5: Gulu to Kampala via Ziwa Rhino
Depart in the morning after having breakfast to Kampala with stopover at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Our plan then is to arrive by 9am at the sanctuary and begin our rhino and birding trek. The sanctuary is home to Uganda’s near extinct rhinos and over 300 bird species both Savannah, woodland and water species. You have an opportunity of taking a canoe in Lugogo swamp in search of the shoebill and other water birds. Otherwise most of the birding will happen in the Savannah and woodland areas. Lunch will be served at the Amuka lodge located in the sanctuary after which we proceed with birding shortly before starting journey back to Kampala and drop off at your residence.

Day 6: Birding Day Tour in Mabamba Wetland for Shoebill

We start our birding trip early morning to Mabamba bay wetland on Lake Victoria located 50 km away from Kampala on the western side. Mabamba is one of Uganda’s Important Bird Area (IBA), and a Ramsar wetland of international importance. It is said to have over 260 bird species in the wetland and nearby environs and would easily offer a birder sighting of over 100 bird species on a given day. There are numerous birding opportunities along the way in the open cultivation areas even before reaching the wetland. We may have opportunities for catching the Blue-headed Coucal, Northern Brown-throated Weaver at Mpigi swamp.

Birding in Mabamba wetland is done in a motorized canoe provided by the locals together with a local site guide, this is more stable but sometimes causes some birds to fly before we reach them. Our main bird for the day is the Shoebill, it is usually seen in the marshes standing for hours as it awaits to fish or in the sky flying away. This interesting looking bird is on the list of Bird-life’s international endangered species. It is on most people’s bucket list as number one bird they want to see in the Pearl of Africa.

Other bird species in Mabamba swamp and environs include; the rare Papyrus Gonolek, African Jacana, White-winged Terns, African Purple Swamphen, Purple Heron, Blue-breasted Bee-eater, Pied Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher, Winding Cisticola, Red-billed Fire-finch, White-faced whistling duck, Long-toed Lapwing, African Pied Wagtail, Saddle billed Stork, Cape wagtail, Fan-tailed Widowbird, Yellow-billed Duck Long-toed plover, African Fish Eagle and African Marsh Harrier etc.